Missing plan in Office 365 planner hub

Earlier in the week I experienced an Office 365 planner issue that I hadn’t come across before.

I believe that the issue occurred after one of the following events (I’m not sure which one):

  • Changing my user account (synced with Active Directory) from a global admin back to a standard user
  • Migrating my mailbox from Exchange 2013 to Exchange Online (we have a hybrid Exchange 2013 deployment)


As shown below, the plan that I had previously created disappeared from the “Planner hub“. Besides creating a new plan, the only thing I was able to do within the Planner application was to see and access the planner tasks that I had previously assigned to myself.

01 Planner hub with missing plan

During the issue, I could see the group associated with the plan from within OneDrive. Using OneDrive, I could also access all parts of the plan such as the OneNote notebook.

02 Accessing the plan from OneDrive

I could even verify that I was still the owner of the plan.

03 Ownership of the plan during the issue


I browsed to the following link which opens up the groups view in Outlook on the Web (aka Outlook Web App).

Even though I was listed as a member (and owner) of the group, I also had the option to join the group. I simply clicked on the “Join” button and the status changed to “Joined” as shown below.

04 Joining the plan from Outlook on the web

After joining the group in Outlook on the Web, I went back into planner and confirmed that I could see and access my plan from the Planner hub. Interestingly, the icon next to “My tasks” also changed from my initials to a picture. The picture gets synced up to Office 365 from my Active Directory account.

05 Planner hub with the plan

A nice bonus from fixing this issue was that the Groups functionality from within Outlook 2016 also started working.


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